Why He Lies and Cheats Special Report

Why He Lies and Cheats Special Report

For hundreds of thousands of years, the need to mate with multiple partners was a very constructive reproductive strategy. Men and women, who strayed on a lover, were more likely to succeed at having more children than individuals who were entirely faithful to a mate. Cheating was a strategy to improve reproductive success and spread risk.

Several key differences between men and women when it comes to cheating:

1. Men habitually cheat with less appealing women although women cheat to move up socially. Women often do not understand “how could he have an affair with HER”.

2. Men are prone to physical, one-night stands instead of emotional affairs.

3. Guys are less likely to think about leaving their partners after cheating. As soon as women cheat, it tends to be more emotionally involved, so they more often think about ending their present relationship.

4. Men are more likely than women to repetitively cheat on a spouse or lover.

Uncover the True Reasons ALL Men Lie To Women They Love And Learn How To Discern How He Truly Feels About You Without Him Saying A Word…

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