The Secret of Yoonla

The Yoonla Foundation was started by Reno Van Boven and is headquartered in New ZealandYoonla is essentially a CPA affiliate program where you join and are given full access to promote products and services.

CPA is just a kind of affiliate marketing that rewards you without even making a sale.

Yoonla has it’s own CPA offer in place which pays out $2-$4 just for getting people to provide their name and email into a straightforward web formThis is much higher than the typical CPA commission and while that might not sound like much moneyit converts well since it’s free and full of value.

The first thing I noticed about Yoonla is that it is free to become a memberThat is pretty amazing but I was thinking there had to be some upsells or cross-selling along the way.

When you decide to register for Yoonlaall you have to provide is your email and passwordYou will have access to their platform and training.

You may have these alreadybut I recommend going VIP and using his toolsThey will set up everything for youBut you will need to invest money on Yahoo hosting and GetResponse autoresponder.

What you get with the VIP option:

 Unlimited access to Yoonla Platform.

 100% free installation of the foundation software on your new Yahoohosting account.

 Marketing tools for 3 digital info products.

 A full integration of collecting leads on each of websites so you can build your lead customer list and can tap into that list to generate more money or offer your own products.

 Integration of your digital marketing funnel with the Yoonla™ CPA affiliate program can earn up to $15 per membership lead.

Getting training is one thingbut to be successfulyou will need to take massive actionReno shows the tools he utilizes and recommends in his online business.

The training is a great foundation courseOften times it’s beneficial for even skilled marketers to brush up on their marketing techniques.


 High value training and products for absolutely free

 Reno has a top notch history online

 Potential to make some good money promoting this while expanding a quality email list


 Support is slow

 Training programs limited to his product recommendations

 For the VIP affiliate programyou are required to register a domain name and hosting for your website with Yahoo

 Getting a few of the logistics of your account setup from admin can take 24-48 hours

 Needs more training on how to promote products

 Relies heavily on paid traffic

Yoonla is a legitimate systemYou will not be getting scammed or taken advantage ofTo join for free and be able to master step-by-step is a superb opportunity.

Free registration and training: or visit


Reveal Sheng Nu Leftover Ladies

Reveal Sheng Nu Leftover Ladies ~

In popular parlance, sheng nu relates to young women above a certain age, most say 27, others 30, who are single and possibly “left over,” too old to be desirable.

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Why He Lies and Cheats Special Report

Why He Lies and Cheats Special Report

For hundreds of thousands of years, the need to mate with multiple partners was a very constructive reproductive strategy. Men and women, who strayed on a lover, were more likely to succeed at having more children than individuals who were entirely faithful to a mate. Cheating was a strategy to improve reproductive success and spread risk.

Several key differences between men and women when it comes to cheating:

1. Men habitually cheat with less appealing women although women cheat to move up socially. Women often do not understand “how could he have an affair with HER”.

2. Men are prone to physical, one-night stands instead of emotional affairs.

3. Guys are less likely to think about leaving their partners after cheating. As soon as women cheat, it tends to be more emotionally involved, so they more often think about ending their present relationship.

4. Men are more likely than women to repetitively cheat on a spouse or lover.

Uncover the True Reasons ALL Men Lie To Women They Love And Learn How To Discern How He Truly Feels About You Without Him Saying A Word…

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